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Meeting of the Minds JournalVictoria McCabe



Her liquid heart is a colored pool
Iced over on a frozen path
Solidifying. A murky mirror soon to shatter
Beneath his feet
And there is no lullaby she could sing
To make the pieces dance back together.

So she turns her back
On the past. It blurs
Like a drunken memory.

The pain melts off the canvas
In watercolor rivers.

She looks to the horizon
The golden hues of hope
Bubble gum sky twinkling
A new path of possibilities and

She packs her thermos
Steaming coffee curling
Foggy windows blocking the view behind
His disapproving pose
Sinks into shadow.

She turns her face to the light
Head up, chin high
And sees that sad angel
Beckoning her forward
Gossamer wings
The color of sunset.

The journey begins
She is bathed in warmth
Breath no longer labored
Hot waves of peace
So alive.


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