© Drawing By Donna Kuhn

Donna Kuhn

Donna Kuhn has published over 200 poems in print and online journals and anthologies including poethia,aught, big bridge, generator press,over the transom, red dirt, unlikely stories, sidereality, xstream, muse apprentice guild, juxta, 5-trope, moria, poetry new york,dallas review,poetry motel,sonoma review,poetry motel,pudding magazine, lost and found times, onyx, ambit, fusebox and sendecki. Her e-chapbooks are “no bird on yr arm” published by Tamaphyr Mountain Press (2003) and “red plastic mystic fish ladle” (2002) published by Xpressed . “when yr eyes snow” is her first print chapbook published by Foothills Publishing (2003) and a second one “up bluen” is newly released from furniture press. (2004)Three mini-chapbooks were published by poems-for-all.Visual poetry has been published online by generator press, juxta and xstream. She is a visual artist and dancer as well and she lives in Aptos, CA.

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